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These are the best new online casinos we have added to our collection. We always include the online casino reviews, the corresponding ratings and the bonuses you can receive in these online casinos.

On top of that, from now on our users can review these online casinos, which contributes further to creating a complete picture of these casinos on our website.

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We update our collection of online casinos daily, which ensures you are always informed of the newest casinos and bonuses. Because the online casino market is rapidly expanding and new casinos appear every day, we aim to provide our users with more insight into this world. Because we continuously add the newest online casinos, there will always be a new casino for you to try your luck at.

For many users, discovering new casinos can be difficult. At the Casino-Ratings team, we do the job for you. We’re constantly on the lookout for the newest casinos on the market. But not only do we look for new casinos, but we also list all the bonuses for you. Due to our good relations with the casinos, we can often even arrange extra nice bonuses for our customers! Thus, for you as a visitor to, it can be very worthwhile to keep an eye on our page.

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These are the best online casino bonuses that are available on the internet. Our elaborate collection of casino bonuses and promotions is continuously updated by our team.

All these casinos offer hundreds of casino bonuses. It’s our job to present you with the best ones! We update our collection of casino bonuses every day. These can be the popular no deposit bonus, the high roller bonus, the welcome bonus, or the free spins amongst others. To us, it’s very important that the players choose the right casino and bonus for them. Because there is so much choice, it’s tempting to just go for the highest bonus, but you might also like to take into account the casino itself. On Casino-Ratings you can easily find a review of the casino accompanying every bonus.

Because many bonuses can be overwhelming, players may be inclined to choose the familiar online casinos. This is a pity since every day new and modern casinos are added. To help the player in its choice for a casino, we’ve listed the best casino bonuses and newest casinos. Choose your online casino bonus now, and enjoy playing in your favourite casino!


For new players, these are the best bonuses available! You’re not bound by anything, and you don’t have to do anything to be able to claim the no deposit bonus.

When you complete your registry with the online casino, you’ll immediately be gifted free spins. We know from experience that many players look for these free spins no deposit bonuses, which is why we’ve listed them for you. Below you will find the best online casinos that offer a free spins no deposit bonus. Here you can directly see how many free spins you will be gifted after registering with the online casino of your choice. Here you can also see which deposit bonus the casino offers, so in case you would like to continue playing and depositing money, you’ll know what sort of bonus to expect. Which goes to show, in many online casinos you can keep claiming bonuses if you play your cards right.

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To welcome the start of summer with some joy and happiness, we have managed to arrange exclusive deals with online casinos. We’ve selected the best casino bonuses in the best casinos in May for you.

Whether it’s free spins or welcome bonuses, we are always on the lookout. During this month, we update our selection of bonuses so our visitors don’t have to hunt them down their selves. Keep a close eye on our homepage, so you don’t miss any!

As you may expect from us, these casino bonuses are to be obtained in a collection of the best online casinos. We have pre-selected only the best online casinos, and can guarantee that you’re playing safe so you can enjoy your online casino bonus!

Pick one of our exclusive May deals now, grab that bonus, and don’t forget to bring some luck! We wish you a lot of fun playing and some big winnings.

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Receive the best Casino Bonus right in your mailbox!

Receive the best Casino Bonus right in your mailbox!

Free Spins

A free spin bonus is a perfect way to try out slots before you start playing with real money.

No Deposit

A no deposit bonus is the perfect bonus for new players, because you get free spins or cash without having to do anything.

Deposit bonus

With a deposit bonus, you receive a portion of your deposit back in the form of an extra playing money. This can amount up to 200%.

Welcome bonus

The nature of the welcome bonus in online casinos can differ. An example could be a multiplier over your deposit or free spins.

Reload bonus

In many online casinos, you receive a bonus every time you deposit more money, which is called a reload bonus.


Many online casinos reward you with a multitude of bonuses when you deposit a small amount of money, however, these bonuses don’t come along very often.

Find an online casino bonus. never stops browsing. We troll the internet for the newest bonuses, promotions, and deals. And we keep you updated on them. Always. Everywhere. And what is more, with our search filters you can even start looking for your own ideal online casino bonus yourself.

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What will it be today? Online roulette? Blackjack up until 21? Will you dive into the live online casino to play against real dealers together with other players? Or, will you play a slot where you can relax with the automatic play function (you won’t have to push a single button)? You make your choice, and we will accommodate.

Win a lot of money.

It wouldn’t be the first time it happened. We’ve seen it happen many times. Our players have sent us messages about jackpots they’d won on their mobile phone. Big wins of tens of thousands of euros. Recently, Royal Panda dropped a jackpot of no less than 4,3 million euros. It could happen to you…

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