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Currently, there are more than a 1000 online casinos. Of these, about 500 aren’t noteworthy, and then another 300 are a bit dodgy or too new to mention. Thus, 200 online casinos on the internet remain for review, and this is our goal.

    Naturally, we make sure the best online casino reviews are at the top, but Casino Ratings also possesses enough tools and filter options to look for your favorite casino yourself.

    How are the online casinos reviewed?

    Before placing a review, at we always play in an online casino ourselves. As an online casino player, you might wonder if this is anything special. With some amount of embarrassment on the behalf of our competitors, our answer to this would be ‘YES!’. Holland has many online casino websites providing information on playing casinos on the internet, on your phone, or on a tablet. Unfortunately, these casino reviews often aren’t up to date, they’re badly written, or they’re incomplete.

    Players’ experiences are included in the Casino Ratings

    In order to reach the best casino reviews, it’s important to not solely use the opinions of us as editors – this would be too one-sided. For this reason, we incorporate the experiences of our players and include their ratings in our evaluation. After you sign up with us, you can leave your own review! Your experience will be taken into account in our assessment of the casino. And this is certainly not for nothing: for example, when a casino has 5 existing reviews, your 1 or 5-star review really makes a difference! So if you had a negative experience in a casino, give the casino a low score by giving it a 1- or 2-star rating, and you will see our rating of the casino drop immediately. We value your opinion highly, since this can aid other players in choosing which online casino they would like to play in.

    Players’ ratings of casinos are expert reviews!

    No-one is better equipped to write a casino review than you yourself. You are going to play in the online casinos, and you have been able to compare these online casinos, so you know exactly what the pros and cons are, which aspects of the casino are unacceptable, and which promotions you genuinely enjoyed! Besides giving out a star rating per casino, we urge you to write a real review as well. We call these ‘expert reviews’, since you can translate your expertise (read: experience) into a valuable review. By reading your story, a future potential casino player can make sense of what to expect at an internet casino, and ask himself whether the casino is safe and reliable enough, whether the customer service responds adequately, and whether the payouts take too long.

    Customer reviews allow casinos to improve!

    The online casino world functions just as the world of webshops. Companies must keep improving/adapting after the feedback their clientele provides. If a casino neglects to respond to criticism, their ratings will not improve, which would cost them clients. When working with clients, it’s important to always put their wishes first. For this reason, it is definitely worth taking the time to write a review of a casino. Your opinion of a casino can really make a difference, so we at Casino Ratings eagerly await the moment you share your casino experience with the community. Our team will never praise a casino which is negatively reviewed by its visitors. And vice versa, we will be more likely to recommend an online casino when players leave with good experiences. Online Casinos must be measured like this, only then we can guarantee the best ones stay alive and the bad ones die! British online casino community

    Our goal at Casino Ratings is to change this. To improve. Online casinos exist in all shapes and sizes, and it requires a trained eye to be able to determine which casinos to play in. Besides, because of the community we’ve built at Casino Ratings, we appreciate and integrate our players’ input. All in all, look no further than Casino Ratings, and contribute to this portal yourself. In this way, we can work together to understand the online casino world better; and in the future, maybe even beat it!