Free Casino Credit

You can play with free casino credit at numerous online casinos. The largest advantage of this is that you don’t have to pay any money to play, also meaning you can’t loose any money of your own. A disadvantage could be that the amounts you win will not be paid to you if you’re playing with free casino credit.

Free credit can be fictional money, automatically causing the winnings to be fictional also, but it can also refer to credit you received with a bonus. In this case, it will be real money.

Two types of free casino credit

Free casino credit basically comes in two forms. If you’d like to play at an online casino without it costing you money, you can play in free mode. You will then receive a certain budget of fictional money, so free casino credit, from the online casino. In this case, the credit is not real, and you can win no real money in playing with it. The second type of free casino credit does comprise real money. If a new player makes a despot, the online casino will often receive a certain amount as a bonus. This is also free casino credit, but it’s added to your own money. You cannot have this money paid-out, though, until you’ve met the wagering requirements.

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How do I get this free casino credit?

Free casino credit that can be played with as real money can usually be obtained by registering at an online casino. In most cases, the welcome bonus you will receive in doing so will include a certain amount of free casino credit. When this free casino credit is finished, you’ll automatically continue to play with the money you deposited on your account yourself.

How to receive free casino credit to play in free mode?

For this, you don’t have to do anything. When you start playing, select the option to lay in free mode, and the online casino will usually directly load a certain amount of free casino credit to your account. If from there, you’d like to switch back to paid games, the free casino credit wil disappear from your account. Remember, in free mode, you can never have a win paid out. You only play with fake money.

Do I have to make a deposit to receive free casino credit?

If you want to get the free casino credit as a bonus, so you an play for the real money, you will generally have to deposit an amount first. This is often so, but not always. There’s also online casinos that give you a so-called no deposit bonus. This is the bonus you receive without having to make a deposit first. In most cases, you’ll receive free spins, but it can happen that there’s also free playing money included. These will generally be small amounts, though, such as five or maybe ten euros.

Can I claim my free casino credit?

Whether you can claim your free casino credit, is dependent on several things. If we’re talking about the free credit with which you play in the free mode, then no, there’s no way to have this paid out since it’s fictional money. If you received the free casino credit as a bonus, so you can use it to play for real, there is the possibility to claim your money. You must take into account that the bonuses, including the free credit, must meet a wagering requirement before it can be paid out. This prevents people from making a deposit, taking the extra playing money and having the whole thing paid out, which would of course be way to easy.

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